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“As you know, using the services of architects in the past was not always to our satisfaction... However, using the services of ROBERT BRODIE, AIA, LEED AP was a wise decision. For within 2 short weeks from our initial meeting in Rye, NY, you had created a design for our new residence which not only excited us and addressed all our personal issues, but simultaneously solved the intricate rules and regulations of ocean front design. As Jennifer stated quite bluntly: "This guy actually listens!"

What's more, your professionalism and care kept us focused on the crucial issues in the midst of our continuously busy schedule, allowing us to go through the entire process smoothly.

I can now appreciate the value of a creative and knowledgeable architect on our side. We wish you continued success and look forward to working with you in the near future.”

Denis Manelski, CFO, Daiwa Securities America, Inc.

“It is always such a pleasure building Brodie's designs. His knowledge and dedication to each project is thorough and the result is always a mutually successful project -- for us, for him and for the client.”

Stefan Frank, Kumara Custom Artisans

"When we originally called you to help us, Linda and I had somehow resigned ourselves to a very cramped bedroom within a darkened area of our waterfront home. What pleased us from the beginning was your ability to view our needs from our perspective, showing us how the existing construction of our Master Bedroom suite was preventing us from taking full advantage of the natural airy charm of our Florida residence.

Through your unique combination of exterior wall systems which invited sunlight to enter while protecting our privacy, along with your very creative use of quality built-in furniture, moldings and color accents -- ROBERT BRODIE, AIA, LEEP AP suddenly transformed a space that we had always avoided to one that has certainly become our most favorite!

We have to tell you that it was quite unusual to find an architect who truly understands the dynamic use of color and lighting within a home. We were not used to having someone sit down with us from the start to determine the range of colors that we happened to enjoy -- and then suddenly create an exterior and interior concept that reflected us in every way. It has been a real pleasure for us to have worked with your design firm."

Don and Linda Karnes, Troy, Ohio

" I cannot thank you enough for your continual focus on my personal goals and needs during our recent consultation. I was very impressed with your ability to conceptualize and create unique solutions.

Furthermore, I did not realize all the constraints imposed by the state, county and city when a house is to be built on the beach. I cannot help but wonder where I would be without the benefit of your extensive knowledge and experience."

Carol Abrahams, Texas and New York

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